Abogados Del Accidente Y De Lesión De la Bicicleta

Everyday more and more Texans become active cyclist. And as you may know the popularity of bicycling has increased dramatically over the past ten years. As both a mode of transportation and recreational activity. Biking as an individual or group activity is experiencing a historical surge of new participants. Unfortunately, everyday motorist fail to or refuse to give the right of way to riders, which has lead to a substantial increase in the number of bicycling accidents.

Every six hours a bicyclist is wrongfully killed in America. Head injuries account for over seventy-five percent of all of the serious injuries and deaths from bicycle accidents. Negligent drivers are a main factor in bicycle accidents.

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An unprotected human body on lightweight equipment is no match for a speeding automobile or hard pavement and a negligent driver. Even the most careful bicyclists can easily find themselves on the payment.

The personal injury lawyers at Carabin & Shaw represent bicyclists injured in the following kinds of driver negligence cases:

  • failure to yield the right of way
  • cross walk accident / intersection accidents
  • hit and run accidents
  • crowding bicyclist off of roadway
  • a drivers’ failure to come to a complete stop at intersection

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, you may be entitled to a recovery under Texas Law for:

  • Medical bills
  • Wage loss / Lost Income
  • Loss of earning capacity
  • Pain and Suffering Damages
  • Emotional Distress and Disfigurement.

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At Carabin & Shaw, our goal is to provide exceptional legal services to our clients. Many of the Law Firm’s members are active cyclist, ride on a regular basis, are familiar with dangers of negligent drivers and have a true understanding of the dynamics. Our Team of Injury Lawyers have the experience you need on your side, if an accident has occurred. Call us day or night!

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